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harvey put his hand on the left side of my face and said “you really want to go shopping for the baby dont you” “no baby its fine” harvey got out of bed without any clothes on and said “get your sexy ass up and dressed and we will go do some shopping” i smiled so wide when harvey said we could go shopping for Romeo (We have'nt decided a name for him yet so don't listen to Leon) so i got out of bed and got dressed and we left for rodeo dr

when we got there i got out the care and this weirdo guy shouted “do you want some of this” nd grabbed his jeans where his dick is. The Erotic Anime Summary Beautiful Girls Who Seem… Harvey got out the care and started fast walking towards the guy but i grabbed harveys hand a said “baby let it go” i had to repeat that sentance a few time for harvey to pay attention and he said “why shoulf i let it go leon i mean baby” “because the guy is a jerk its no big deal” so harvey left it alone and we walked down the street i said to harvey “I want some coffee” so we went to the coffee shop and when we got served i said “can i please have a medium latte with an extra shot with non fat milk and a honey pump” the lady smiled and said “sure and for you sir” i started laughing and harvey said “whats s funny?” i said “nothing i just know what you gonna order” harvey smiled at me as if he didnt believe me and said “go on then order for me” so i said to the lady “he will have a large mocha with caremel and vinilla pumps” harvey smiled at me and said “shut up” so we paid for are drinks and left

we went into the prada store and harvey seen the most perfect top that was lined in blue reading im the first born we loved it so of course we brought it and a few other items so are day of shopping went on and harvey told me he had to leave me too it becuase he was going to meet dean so i kissed harvey good bye and finshed shopping and went back to my apartment

a few hours later i had a suprise waitng for harvey i was dressed in a tight pair of boxer shorts and the male playboy cuffs and bow tie on however when harvey walked though the door i came toward him with to glasses of red wine but harvey wasnt alone he was with dean and i felt like such a fucking idiot i said “hi dean umm will you guy excuse me whiles i go and get changed” I took my time in are bedroom to get changed becuase i was so fucking embarrested

when i walked out i said “im sorry you seen me like that dean” (im so glad i didnt do my first idea of being hard for when harvey walked in) andway a few hours later dean left and it was just me and harvey as soon as dean left harvey burst out laughing i said “its not funny baby i feel like a fucking idiot” harvey got to his knees infront of me and said “can i make you feel better by sucking your dick” i smiled at him and said “only one way to find out isnt there baby” so harvey undid my skinny jeans and started sucking my dick it felt s fucking good because me and harvey havent really found the time for sex lately and it sucked but not in the good way (lol) so when harvey got me to the point where i was going to cum i said “baby im going to cum and harvey went a lot faster”

when harvey stood back up i said “baby we need a holiday” harvey wiped his mouth and said “where was you thinking of us going” “umm i dont know we would have to think about it” after i said that my cell began to ring so i answered it and said “hey mom” “hey leonardo would you and harvey like to come and have diinner with us” i laughed and said “harvey has just eatten but sure we would love to come and have dinner with you” when i ended my call to my mom harvey said “are we going to your moms for dinner baby” i said “yeah it that okay” harvey winked at me and said “i had other plans for us tonight but okay” i pushed harvey into a wall and put my hand down his pants and his boxer shorts and said “im sure i can fit both things into my time table” so we went to my mom and had a lovely dinner and my dad was happy to see us half way thought the meal harvey text me and said i want your fucking rock hard cock in my ass right now so i kinda cut the meal short and we went home and true to what harvey had said as soon as i closed the door harvey had me pinned to it harvey took me by my t shirt and shoved me into are bedroom and got his dick and said “suck it” it was really hot because harvey is never been like this before and i enjoyed it after i sucked harvey off i shoved my dick in him and we had amazing sex and we well asleep a few hours later harvey woke me up and said “lets fuck again but this time im giving” so we had sex again and it hurt like a bitch when it came to harvey shoving his dick in me but i have to say i loved every second of it.

Hentai: Tenshi's royal guard- Naruko

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