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I should have left but I sat on the bed and removed my sock’s and shoe’s, I then remembered my pyjamas were down in the car and started putting them back on, “What you doing dad” “I need to fetch my case” “Why”? “My pyjamas are in it” “Well so are mine”, “Well then, I should fetch it” “Why”? I should have insisted but I just sat back, “Come on dad, help me make the bed” with this done she started undressing, after what had happened that morning I just stripped off too, and didn’t bother about my erection, slipping into the bed beside me Emily cuddled up close and kissed my neck, “This is nice daddy, but I know what would be nicer” I had to ask, I know I shouldn’t have but the words came out my mouth on their own, “What would be nicer”? she dropped her hand onto my cock and said “This in my pussy” I naturally made all the right comments about her being my daughter and how wrong it would be and what would her mother say if she found out, I couldn’t believe it when she said “It’s ok Daddy, mom told me how you two meet through Kelly and all about playing mommies and daddies, and how you fuck some of the young girls who come for you to mend their bike. To my surprise she just rolled onto her back and as she stretched said “Morning dad”, her tits were now free, I wasn’t surprised they held their shape and didn’t sag down like her mothers, she was at a guess about a 34c, “What are you doing while I’m in the interview”? “I don’t know, maybe just go for a walk” then without any hesitation or worry, Emily pushed the sheet back and got out of bed and went to the bathroom, seeing the sway of her hips as she walked across the room I was hypnotised, minutes later I was still in shock when she came back into the room, she was still naked I had already seen her tits and my eyes quickly moved down her smooth flat stomach to her clean shaved pussy, as she walked towards me I had a clear view of her pussy and I felt my cock tent in my pyjama trousers, Emily smiled and told me to hurry up as she was hungry and wanted breakfast, as I sat up my cock shot out the vent in my pyjamas, Emily’s eye were wide and her mouth dropped open, seeing as the damage had already been done I just went to the bathroom, returning to the main room a few minutes later, Emily was still naked and combing her hair, she had long hair and I knew she spent some time grooming it, with her being so calm I removed my pyjamas and dressed, she slipped her tracksuit trousers and T shirt on, then we went for breakfast.

Hentai: [Juan Gotoh] Tadashii Seikyouiku | Proper Sex Ed (COMIC Masyo 2011-07) [English] [sirC] [Decensored]

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[後藤寿庵]正しい性教育(コミック・マショウ 2011年7月号) [英訳] [無修正]

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