[Ooshima Ryou] Summer Emotion (COMIC Megastore H 2009-12) [English] {Darknight}

” He climbed on top of me and slid his cock inside my pussy and said, “Now this is for my pleasure only. We'll pick a day so it's the same day every week, but you must keep it smooth every day.

Hentai: [Ooshima Ryou] Summer Emotion (COMIC Megastore H 2009-12) [English] {Darknight}

Summer Emotion 1Summer Emotion 2Summer Emotion 3Summer Emotion 4Summer Emotion 5Summer Emotion 6Summer Emotion 7Summer Emotion 8Summer Emotion 9Summer Emotion 10Summer Emotion 11Summer Emotion 12Summer Emotion 13Summer Emotion 14Summer Emotion 15Summer Emotion 16Summer Emotion 17Summer Emotion 18Summer Emotion 19Summer Emotion 20Summer Emotion 21Summer Emotion 22Summer Emotion 23

[大嶋亮]サマー・エモーシヨン(コミックメガストアH 2009年12月号) [英訳]

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