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Stepping forward I reached around with both hands to hold the top of the dress still and to pull the zip down, my heart was beating in my throat- since when was I so nervous about being around my daughter like this?

I began to gently pull the zipper down and almost jumped out of my skin when her forehead rested against my belly button, her hand still holding her hair up as she nuzzled against me. “Pleasssse Daddy” her voice huskily whispered out as she began to slowly grind her hips, trying to force my grip off her wrist and to allow her to engulf more of my cock between her legs.

Hentai: [Senmatu-Chaya (Kamado)] UNPROUD [Chinese] [日曜日汉化] [Digital]

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[千松茶屋 (かまど)] UNPROUD [中国翻訳] [DL版]

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