Virtual R.O.Doudeshou - Read Or Die

I saw that she stiffened when he covered her eyes, and knew she was afraid of what he was going to do to her. It’s like they just shut down their thinking, so they don’t have to deal with it.

Hentai: (CR35) [JIBAKU MECHA (Kaneko Toshiaki)] R.O.Doudeshou (R.O.D THE TV)

R.O.Doudeshou 1R.O.Doudeshou 2R.O.Doudeshou 3R.O.Doudeshou 4R.O.Doudeshou 5R.O.Doudeshou 6R.O.Doudeshou 7R.O.Doudeshou 8R.O.Doudeshou 9R.O.Doudeshou 10R.O.Doudeshou 11R.O.Doudeshou 12R.O.Doudeshou 13R.O.Doudeshou 14R.O.Doudeshou 15R.O.Doudeshou 16R.O.Doudeshou 17R.O.Doudeshou 18

[自爆メカ (かねことしあき)]R・O・どうでしょう(R.O.D THE TV)

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