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It was a hot Monday afternoon during summer break I had a whole night of video games and movies set up for me and my best friend and love interest Mikey Walker he arrived at about 6 he had taken his top off I stood there practically drooling he started feeling uncomfortable I shook myself out of my daze I said oh come on in we went downstairs since my bedroom was in the basement we sat and played video games talked about standard things for us usually who was a bigger fan of some of the staple emo bands My Chemical Romance, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil among others and sometimes we would talk about celebrities we think were hot Mikey said Haley Williams the lead singer for Paramore I then said Kellen Quinn lead singer for Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil for a bit Mikey said wait what I said what he's really cute and god his eyes Mikey said Zack are you gay I said yes he said that look you gave me I said I love you madly he then leaned in and kissed me I was caught off guard I wrapped my arms around his shoulders loosely and ran my hands through his hair down his smooth back I pulled away from the kiss and said god I love you Mikey Walker he said I love you Zack McCormack he lowered his hand down and slapped my ass I said oh your naughty he then kissed me again he pushed me down onto my bed and took my jeans and boxers off flipped me onto my front and knelt down and rimmed me I moaned softly as he pulled away he spat on my asshole and shoved his cock into my asshole I moaned and screamed saying oh fuck yank my hair slap me he did he moaned and grunted I said oh fuck I'm gonna cum 6 strong jets of cum fired out of my cock and that pushed him over the edge he got up got dressed and said I better get going I said can't you stay for some snuggling he said no I'm sorry I promised my parents I'd be home tonight he left and I felt so dirty and used I lay crying my twin brother and sister Jessica and Robbie came home Jessica came downstairs and saw me crying she said bubba what's wrong I said all I wanted to do is snuggle after sex with him is that too much to ask she said bubba who are you talking about I said Mikey we had sex then he just left I feel so dirty and used she said me and Robbie will talk to him I said no I'll deal with it myself if any of you interfere with it I'll never forgive you she said ok we'll stay out of it I then fell asleep in the morning I texted Mikey I wrote meet me at the park we need to talk now I got ready and as I was about to leave Robbie said hey Zack Jess told me what happened so where you going I said I'm gonna go meet with Mikey he said I'll come with you I said no I'm dealing with this by myself I left went to the park Mikey was waiting he got up off the bench walked over to me and went to kiss me I pulled away and said what are you doing he said trying to kiss you I said oh so now you love me he said I've always loved you I said last night you just left after sex he said I promised my parents I'd be home that night I said and fuck em if you love me you'd make sacrifices he said I do love you I just can't be bothered with my mum getting on my case please forgive me and give me another chance I said ok I'll give you another chance but I'd watch out I'm pretty sure Robbie wants to fucking kill you Robbie was always the protector the alpha triplet Mikey said why I said I think he thinks that I hate you now and he wants to protect me and Jess we then went back to mine and when we got there Robbie started getting in Mikey's face shouting you fuck my little brother then fuck off and now you have the balls to come back here I said ok Robbie put your teeth and claws away he promised me he'd never hurt me again Jessie then came out and said bubba are you sure about this I know his type once he breaks your heart he'll do it again I then said Jessie Mikey isn't that douchbag Ryan you used to date I mean when was the last time he even spoke to you she then said he hasn't spoken to me because you and Robbie went psycho and said if he came near me again you'd cut his balls off shove them down his throat then ass rape him I then said Jessie he was scum he wasn't good enough for you and what do you except I am a psycho (I am an actual diagnosed psychopath I take antipsychotics) she then said but are you really sure I said you do you and we'll do us Mikey then said let's go to your bedroom babe we went downstairs to my bedroom he asked me Zack what did you mean when you said you are a psycho I got up went to my safe where I kept my pills and money took my pills out and threw them to him he looked at them and said what are these I said antipsychotics I am a diagnosed psychopath he said damn your not gonna flip off on me are you I said only if I stop taking my meds he asked what will happen if you do I said well I could become violent or just do really fucked up shit for kicks or both I could go crazy and attack you he then said wow that's kinda hot I said how he said the thrill of possibility that you could snap being a psychopath it was easy to terrify people but it has some downsides one being I couldn't really make an edgy joke about school shootings or stabbing someone without my parents or staff at school asking me if I took my pills. 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Hentai: [Bergamot] Mzohizumu 2 kutsujoku no dappun shō

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[べるがもっと]Mぞヒズむ 二話 屈辱の脱糞ショウ

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