[Y-NRG SYSTEM (Misakiguchipuku, Yukke.)] Kadai, Shichai Mashita (Anne Happy) [Chinese] [Dokiki汉化组]

PROLOGUE from part one: Audra Cornell, a fiftyish matron, has invited Kristin, an eighteen year old, to spend the weekend with her pretending that she's her young daughter!!! Looking much younger than her years, Kristin is treated like a little girl and sexually played with by the older woman!!! Our story takes up with them in bed on Saturday morning after a good night's sleep!!! “Good morning, dear,” Audra cooed while guiding her large nipple into Kristin's mouth, “how did my little one sleep last night!?!” “Oh good, mommy,” the young girl sighed, “mmmm, I'm so hungry!!!” “That's a good girl, suck mommy's nipple, mmmmm, you're such a good little girl,” Audra said softly while caressing Kristin up and down her body, “do you want to play outside today or just stay inside, honey!?!” “I'd much rather stay indoors and play with you mommy,” Kristin said while licking the fat nipple, “but I have to go pee so bad, could you help me go to the potty, mommy!?!” “Of course I will,” Audra replied quickly, “come with mommy and she'll help you, dear!!!” Audra took Kristin by the hand and led her into to bathroom where she had her stand in the shower with her legs spread apart, and while gently massaging the young girl's pussy, said softly, “Okay, dear, now go potty for mommy, don't worry if some get's on mommy's hand, she just wants to make sure that her little girl has a nice potty!!!”

Kristin's pussy was spasming slightly as the old woman massaged and fingered her pussy, but with a little bit of concentration she was able to relax her bladder and let a hot stream of golden piss gush from her tiny vaginal opening!!! “Oh, mommy,” Kristin sighed, “there it comes, thank you so much!!!” With agility that stunned her, Kristin watched wide eyed as Audra scrambled around, positioning her vagina under the hot stream of pee rocketing out of Kristin's pussy, and with just a little bit of adjustment, she was able to direct the stream directly onto her hot clit, inducing a shuddering orgasm in the old woman's cunt!!!” “Oh, mommy,” Kristin squealed, “did that make your clitty feel good!?!” “Oh yes, dear,” Audra sighed, “you did a very nice job on mommy's big hard clitty, but now it's time to take another bath, so off with you, into the tub!!!”

The two women were again back in the gently roiling waters of the hot tub, and again Kristin nestled up on Audra's lap while nursing at the old woman's gigantic breast!!! Oh, darling,” Audra cooed while caressing Kristin's tight little ass, “mommy just loves her little one at her nipple, you make mommy feel soooooo nice!!!” “Thank you, mommy,” Kristin replied, “do you think my breasts will ever be as big as yours are, mine are soooo small!?!” “Oh, honey,” Audrad replied with a little laugh, “you have a long time to grow up, but all of the women in our family have large breats, so I would guess that in time your breats will grow quite large!!! “Oh goody,” Kristin squealed, “I just love your your big breasts, can I ask you another question, mommy!?!” “Of course you may, dear,” Audra replied, “mommy's always happy to answer all of your questions!!!” With her head bowed, Kristin softly asked, “I-I was just wondering if you let men put those big things in your vagina!?!”

“What ever made you ask that, Krissy,” Audra asked!?! “Wellllll,” Kristin answered, “I heard some of the kids at school talking about cocks, and they were saying how big they were and how older women liked having them inside of their pussies!!!” “First of all,” Audra scolded, “we don't use those street terms to describe our private parts, for women the word to use is vagina, and for men we use penis!!!” “I'm sorry, mommy,” Kristin replied contritely, “I-I didnt know that!!!” “That okay, dear,” she went on, “but we want to speak like ladies, not nasty mouthed children, and now I've forgotten, what was your question again!?!” “I was just wondering if you let men put their penises inside of you,” Kristin repeated, only this time using the proper terminology!?! “Of course you know that's how babies are made,” she opined softly, “and it makes a woman feel so nice and full when a man allows her to use his penis inside of her vagina!!!” “You mean it really feels good,” Kristin asked incredulously, “I'd think it would hurt!!!” “The first time it might hurt for a minute,” Audra replied, “but then it feels just wonderful, and every time after that it just gets better and better!!!” “How big is a hard penis, mommy,” Kristin asked!?! “It's different with each man, dear,” she replied, gently, “just like with women's breasts, some men are bigger than others!!!” “How big is the man who puts his penis inside of you, mommy,” she pressed on!?! “Welllllllll, I have a very large vagina and need a man with a larger than normal penis,” Audra explained, “so Tom's, that's my boyfriend's name, penis is nine inches long!!!” “Oh mommy,” Kristin replied hoarsely, “I'm feeling all funny inside!!!”

Audra helped Kristin climb out of the tub, and after both of them had dried off, they headed back into the bedroom where Audra sat the young girl down and asked softly, “Tell me, dear,” Audra asked, “what kind of funny feeling are you having!?!” “I don't know mommy,” Kristin replied in her best little girl's voice, “I-I think it's inside of my vagina, but it's just all over down there!!!” Audra sat down next the little girl and after hugging her gently replied, “It's normal for a young lady to have a desire to be pentrated by a man's penis,” Audra exlained, “and after all of that talk in bathroom you were just reacting in a perfectly normal fashion!!!” “I see,” Kristin replied thankfully, “but it won't go away, mommy, can you do something to help me, I feel all itchy inside!!!” “Sure, honey, I can help you,” Audra replied softly, “you just sit here for a minute while mommy goes into the other room and gets ready, okay!?!” “Yes, mommy,” Kristin replied, “but please hurry, I'm really uncomfortable!!!”

Kristin sat quietly on the bed waiting for Audra to return, and when she did, she gasped while staring at the huge strap on dildo hanging menacingly from her “mommy's” groin, and exclaimed, “M-mommy, you have a penis between your legs, I'm really confused!!!” Don't worry, honey,” Audra said while walking towards her with her boobs jiggling and her pecker bouncing from side to side, “it's not real, but it works just about the same way!!!” “W-what are you going to do with it, mommy,” she asked nervously!?! “I'm going to take care of your itch, little one,” Audra replied gently, “you want that feeling to go away don't you, dear!?!” “Y-yes,” she stammered softly, “b-but how do you do that!?!” “Well, dear,” she whispered huskily, “you're going to lay back down on the bed and mommy's going to mount and and have intercourse with you!!!” “You mean you're going to put that huge penis in my tiny vagina,” she asked incredulously!?!” “Yes, dear,” Audra replied, “but believe me, you'll feel much better when I'm finished, so now please lean back and spread your pretty legs for mama!!!”

Kristin nervously lay back and gingerly spread her legs while Audra leaned over and lubricated her pussy with her mouth!!! “Ohhhhhhhhh, mommy, that feels so nice,” Kristin sighed, “c-can't you just do that instead!?!” “I'm afraid not, dear,” Audra said with a smile, “sucking your vagina would be satisfying, but it wouldn't take care of the desire for a penis, do you understand me!?!” “Yes, mommy,” she replied softly, “I guess so, w-when are you going to put it inside of me!?!” “Right now, precious,” Audra said while sliding on top of the cute little blonde, “get ready now, mommy's going to put her big penis into your tight little vagina!!!” Kristin relaxed the muscles inside of her drooling pussy, as Audra gently pressed the giant head into her needy snatch!!!” “Ohhhhhhh, mommy,” Kristin gasped, “i-it hurts so bad, ohhhhhhhhhhh mommy, p-please be careful with me!!!” “Don't worry, dear,” Audra whispered softly, “mommy would never hurt her little girl, but now I'm going to put it in the rest of the way!!!” Kristin's vagina was now convulsing uncontrollably around the brutal invader, and as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, orgasm after orgasm rolled through her while Audra began pounding the thick pecker in and out of her with total abandon!!! “Oh, oh, mommy,” Kristin gasped, “your huge penis is inside my little tight vagina, on thank you mommy, I love you so much, mommy!!!” “M-mommy loves you too, darling,” Audra moaned as her own climax sent a shudder through her entire body, “both mommy and her little girl are having hard orgasms, aren't we, dear!?!” “Oh yes, mommy, our vaginas feel soooooooo nice,” Kristin sighed, “my little vagina feels all better now!!!”

Audra held onto Kristin tightly as she rolled over onto ther back, switching places with the young girl, but still keeping her massive pecker buried in her tight little pussy!!! Kristin snuggled up to her “mommy” and took a nipple into her mouth, and again fell fast asleep, but this time with a huge latex cock in her cunt and a huge nipple in her warm mouth!!! As the two of them drifted off to dreamland, Audra smiled to herself, just happy that she had found a new “daughter”!!!


Hentai: [Y-NRG SYSTEM (Misakiguchipuku, Yukke.)] Kadai, Shichai mashita (Anne Happy) [Chinese] [Dokiki汉化组]

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[Y-NRG SYSTEM (ミサキグチプク、ゆっけ。)]課題、シちゃいました♪(あんハピ♪) [中国翻訳]

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