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Reynolds, I'm a friend of Alicia Donner, she recommended your establishment, and I was just wondering if you had any openings for today!?!” “Mmmmmm, Mrs. College Best Friends – Hey Arnold Reynolds, it's so nice to meet you, won't you please come in and have a seat,” Miranda said graciously while shaking Virna's hand! “Alicia's told me so much about the place,” Virna offered, “that I decided to see it for myself so to speak!!!” “Well, I very happy that you did,” Miranda replied smoothly, “I hope your time here will be more than enjoyable!!!” After both of them had taken a seat in Miranda's sumptuously appointed, office she asked casually, “Have you given any thought as to what sort of, shall we say, entertainment you had in mind!?!” “Well,” Virna said slowly, “I-I'm not exactly sure, what have you got?!?” “Just about anything you could ask for,” Miranda replied, “but may I make a suggestion!?!” Glad that she didn't have to go into any details herself, Virna replied gratefully, “Please, I'm open to any suggestions!!!” “Well,” Miranda continued on, “it's been my experience, that with our more mature female clients, such as yourself, have a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience, if they start out with a young female, now that may sound strange, but two women together always seems to generate much less pressure than if you were to begin with a man!!!” “From what I've seen,” she added, “is that even though the woman is the customer, if she's with a man, she still feels that it's her responsibility to satisfy his needs, when in reality, he is there to take care of hers!!!” “Am I making sense to you,” she asked!?! “Uh, yes,” Virna answered, “so we go with a woman then, right!?!” “I believe that's the best way to proceed,” Mirnada replied, as she picked up the phone and spoke into the receiver, “Sharri, please send in Mona!!!”

The two women had a drink of wine and made small talk while they were waiting for Mona! “I think you're going to be especially please with her,” Miranda stated, “she just turned eighteen and looks like a living doll!!!” “She sounds very intriguing,” Virna said, and then was interrupted by a soft knocking on the door! “Come on in, Mona,” Miranda called out, as the large heavy door slowly opened up to reveal an incredibly lovely young woman standing there wrapped in a bright pink towel!!! “This is Mrs.

Hentai: (C74) [Touge Mine (Fujiko)] Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori (Mitsudomoe)

Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 1Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 2Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 3Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 4Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 5Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 6Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 7Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 8Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 9Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 10Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 11Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 12Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 13Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 14Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 15Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 16Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 17Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 18Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 19Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 20Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 21Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 22Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 23Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 24Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 25Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 26Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 27Honjitsu wa Sentou Biyori 28

(C74) [峠峰 (ふじこ)]本日は銭湯日和(みつどもえ)

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