[Studio N.BALL (Haritama Hiroki)] Choroi, Joushi /3 [Digital]

Tyler couldn't believe this girl!!! She was beautiful, smart, exotic, and witty, but talk about dominant, he could hardly get in a word edgewise!!! Even her name sounded exotic, Geneva Berk, now who had ever heard of anyone with a name like that, except maybe for someone in central casting!!! He had been on quite a few blind dates in his day, but nothing had prepared him for someone like Geneva Berk!!! “So, Ty,” she asked while lighting up one of those long, thin, feminine cigars, “are you really disappointed in me, you've hardly said a word in over two hours!?!” “Uh, no,” he stammered, “I think you're a very nice girl, and I really am enjoying myself!!!” “Hmmph,” she snorted, :I don't know that I like having you call me nice, that sounds so stuffed shirt, don't you think!?!” “Well, er, I didn't mean that you were boring or anything,” he stumbled, “I just meant that you seem okay, that's all!!!” She took a long drag on her cigar, blew out a stream of smoke and with a twinkle in her eye said, no, make that ordered, “I have to go to the little girl's room, come with me and wait outside the door!!!” Before he could even ask, why, she had taken him by the arm and was leading him though the restaurant crowd towards the washrooms!!! When they reached the rest room door, he stopped and waited for her to go in, but much to his chagrin, she opened the door and practically dragged him inside, ignoring his protestations as she opened up a stall and shoved him inside!!! “Are you out of your mind,” he exclaimed, “what if somebody comes in, and by the way, what the hell am I doing in here!?!”

She put a finger over his mouth and whispered hoarsely to hush up and to sit down on the john, but when he didn't make a move, she took him by the shoulders and forcefully shoved him down!!! Again he started to protest, but this time she didn't shush him, instead she gave him a hard slap to the face and menacingly wagged her finger at him to be quiet!!! He was stunned at her out burst, but it had the desired effect, so he just sat there looking up at her, and wondering what in the hell she had in mind!!! In a low hard voice she whispered, “Are you hard, Tyler, I hope so, because my pussy is absolutely on fire!?!” He stared at her open mouthed, unable to answer her incredibly hussy like question, and his eyes must have popped out of his head when she pulled up her skirt and revealed a panty less clean shaven pussy!!! “Look at it, Ty,” she said with half a moan, “I never wear undies, because they would just get too wet from my pussy juice, don't you think that's a good idea!?!” Jesus in heaven, her pussy was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, but he managed to croak, “Y-yes, it's a very good idea!!!” “Tyler,” she then asked sweetly, “would you please do me a huge favor!?!” “Anything,” he said with a groan, “just name it!!!” “My pussy is so wet, do you could use your tongue along my crack and lick up the moisture!?!” His head was beginning to spin out of control, not only from the sight of Geneva Berk's incredible pussy, but also from the pungent aroma that filled his nostrils!!! He still hadn't made a move when Geneva Berk gently pulled his head to her flushed vagina and guided his open mouth to her drooling slit!!!

“Oh, Tyler,” she cooed, “you have a wonderful mouth, and it's so insistent, mmmmm, do Geneva's pussy for her, she needs it so badly, oh you're such a good boy!!!” She was incredibly intoxicating with a pussy as smooth as a baby's bottom and he couldn't seem to get enough of it no matter how hard he tried!!! He was literally trying to swallow her pussy whole, when from the next stall came a question that hit him like a thunder shot, “Is everything all right over there, you sound a little distressed!?!” “Holy smokes,” he thought to himself, “there's someone in the next stall!!!” Then incredibly, Geneva calmly replied to their new neighbor, “No problem, over here, my boy friend is just eating my cunt and I'm really close to getting my gun!!!” “Christ,” he hissed under his breath, “are you fucking nuts, she can call the cops and get us in a lot of trouble!!!” “My boyfriend thinks you're gonna call the police, you don't care if he sucks me off do you,” she asked the lady in the next stall!?! “Uh, no,” the lady stammered, “why should I care what you do!?!” “See, Tyler,” Geneva said sweetly, “she doesn't five a shit what we do, so be a good boy and finish me off, my clit is on fire!!!” He was about to protest, but her strong hands rammed his mouth back into her cunt and he again began eating her plump pussy!!! As Tyler sucked and her orgasm neared, Geneva told the lady in the next stall, “Lady, I have my skirt pulled up and my boyfriend has his tongue all over my clit, and I was just wondering if you would like to masturbate and cum along with me!?!” There was dead silence for a second or two until the lady asked, “May I come over and watch, I'm simply dripping!?!”

“Of course you may,” Geneva replied quickly, “but hurry, I'm just about ready to get my nut!!!” Tyler couldn't believe what was happening, but just like she had promised, Geneva had unlocked the stall and allowed the stranger inside!!!” “My name's Geneva, and this is Tyler,” she offered, see what a good boy he is, he just loves sucking pussy!!!” While the woman stared at Tyler's mouth buried in the white hot snatch, Geneva asked her, “Don't you just love an orally inclined man, I think they are absolutely god's gift!?!” For the first time since she entered the stall the woman replied, “Oh my that looks so good, I just love a good cunt lapping!!!” “Show us your cunt,” Geneva urged, “after Ty is done with me, he can do you too!!!” The lady quickly lifted her dress and shoved down her panties, revealing one of the hairiest pussies he had ever seen, while her dense forest of pubic fur ran partly down her thighs and in a thin line up her belly button!!! Tyler could tell that Geneva was right on the edge, but he never figured that she would lean over and begin kissing the strange woman right on her open mouth!!! While the two woman kissed and tongued each other, Geneva's cunt sent a torrent of juice into Tyler's open mouth, which of course was a precursor to and orgasm that literally tore the dominant bitch's pussy to shreds!!!

“Your turn,” Geneva gasped, “he's a fucking wonder!!!” Tyler was almost in a daze, as the hairy pussied bitch took Geneva's place, but just like her well shaven brethren, she grabbed the back of his head and pulled it directly into her waiting muffy!!! “Christ,” he thought to himself, “these fucking bitches are insatiable, while his tongue searched through the forest of fur looking for her erect clit!!! “Ohhhhhhhh,” she sighed, “where did you find him, you are so right, the boy has a gift!!!” “You're not gonna believe this,” Geneva replied, “but we're on a blind date and this is the first time I've ever had him!!!” “Oh you hot pussied bitch,” the lady moaned, “if he were mine I'd take him home and hand cuff him to the bed post and use him at my leisure!!!” Tyler listened to the two hens trading ideas, and the thought of being someone's fuck toy did have a certain appeal, but his mind was really on the job at hand, and that was doing the clit of this big lipped pussy!!! Tyler bored in hard, flicking his tongue back and forth hard over the hard little nub at the top of the old lady's cunt, while at the same time, Geneva offered, “I never wear panties, just in case I run into a nice cunt lapper like Tyler, here, you never know when you're gonna have to lift up your skirt and get you pussy eaten out!!!” “D-do you do this often,” the lady stammered as Tyler viciously tongued her gaping slit!?! “Of course I do,” Geneva replied casually, “I've never met a man yet who could resist the aroma of my pussy, why, do you think it's bad of me!?!” “Bad,” she asked, “only in the good way, of course you are a very bad girl, but the kind of bad girl every man want to fuck and suck!!!”

Tyler now had the old bitch on a fast track towards her cum, and just to help her along, Geneva pressed herself up against the woman's back and began rubbing and caressing her bare bottom!!! “Mmmmm, you have a very plump bottom,” Geneva whispered into her ear, “if you don't mind I think I'll slip down to my knees and kiss it!?!” “you both make me so hot,” she gasped, “p-please, yes, kiss my ass, run your tongue over it, please, do it for me!!!” The old lady was now on automatic pilot and she couldn't believe what was happening to her even as it was occurring!!! There she was, minding her own business, when out of the blue she found her cunt being sucked by a very handsome young stud, and her plush bottom being licked and sucked by an unbelievably beautiful woman!!! “I-I'm cumming,” she stammered through clenched teeth, “my clit, it's doing it now, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, godddddddddddddd, I'm fucking having an orgasm, oh my fucking god I'm cuminggggggggggggggggggggggg so hard, oh my, I feel like such a slut!!!”

What did I tell you,” Geneva giggled, “isn't he just fantastic!?!” The old lady struggled to speak as her breath was still lost as a result of her brutally satisfying orgasm, but she did manage to reply, “He's the best I've ever had, my god, his tongue is a fucking magic wand!!!” “I'm gonna give you one last present,” Geneva intoned softly, “Tyler, open up and pull it out, you must be hard as stone by now!!!” He was too, hard as a fucking rock and about as turned on as he'd ever been in his life, so there he sat, on the john with his cock sticking straight up and ready to be taken by the nearest pussy or mouth!!! “Turn around,” Geneva whispered to the lady, “now, sit down slow and easy, let him just slip inside, mmmmmmm, he's nice and hard isn't he!?!” “Sweet jesus,” the old lady moaned, “he's so fucking thick and hard, I've just gotta take him home with me, he's a fucking sex machine!!!” “Yes he is,” Geneva replied, “but since I did you a favor, you have to do me one in return!!!” “Anything,” she moaned while grinding her cunt down hard on his thick seven inches, “just name it, ohhhhhhhhhhh it feels so nice!!!” “Mmmmmmm, I'm sure it does,” Genva replied softly, “but my pussy needs some attention too, and since I helped you out, do Geneva a favor and suck her pussy for her, please!?!” “I-I've never sucked a woman before,” the woman stammered!!! “Good,” Geneva replied quickly, “you get to start your career in cunt sucking on a perfect one!!!” Knowing she was trapped, the woman slowly lowered her mouth to Geneva's bar cunt and gingerly began tonguing away!!!

“Oh myyyyyyyy,” Geneva sighed, “for a beginner you sure seem to know a lot about sucking cunt!!!” With her cunt being rammed by Tyler's thickness and her mouth busily sucking Geneva's pussy, the old lady was slowly losing control of herself and giving in to her most basic instincts, that being to have her pussy and mouth filled with sex organs!!! As Ty thrust upward into the super heated pussy, in the back of his mind he could hear people talking outside of the stall, but by now all he cared about was getting his gun off, so he put it out of his mind and simply tried to smash the hairy pussy to pieces!!! The old lady on the other hand was simply being ravished!!! Her cunt was on fire and her mouth had now become incredibly addicted to the fat lipped bare pussy that was being overtly shoved into her face, and Geneva, the instigator of it all, was reveling in the fact that she had taken tow complete strangers and made them her personal sex toys, even if only for and hour!!! Tyler was the first one to lose it, as his low groan that crescendoed into a moan that filled the women's rest room like the roar of a lion!!! Both Geneva and the old lady were so near the ragged edge, that the mere sound of Tyler's orgasm drove them both over the rim climax cliff onto the shoals complete and utter satisfaction!!!

They all were puffing like steam locomotives when from the outside came, “What the heck is gong on in there, do I have to call the police!?!” All three of them burst out with laughter and Geneva replied, “No, you don't have to call the police, and by the way, is your pussy wet???????”

THE END. Peluda Inami Mayu's Sexy And Missing… .

Hentai: [Studio N.BALL (Haritama Hiroki)] Choroi, Joushi /3 [Digital]

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