[SHIUN] Chikamichi | Shortcut (Love Icha☆) [English] [desudesu] [Decensored]

unless I have the same problem,” Jolee said while finishing Margo's sentence, “and you're correct, I do have the same problem you have, but I've learned to control it, just as you will!!!”

After letting it sink in that she wasn't in this boat alone, Margo asked hesitantly, “How can you control it unless you have a man there to, you know, do you!?!” “Well naturally, it is always preferable to have man,” Jolee replied, “but if there isn't one available you have to find a way to get through the day without losing it, and there are several ways of handling it successfully!!!” “Really,” Margo asked eagerly, “please tell me, I'm desperate!!!” Jolee chuckled a little at Margo's excitement but brushed it off and continued, “First off, while a man is choice number one, don't discount using a woman if that's all that's handy, a woman can really give great head cuz she knows exactly what another woman wants, so that is really a great option to think about!!!” “Y-you've let a woman suck your vagina,” asked a wide eyed Margo!?! “Of course,” Jolee replied, “it's much better than losing your mind, and once you've done it a few times you actually look forward to having your pussy sucked by another woman!!!” “Wow,” Margo said slowly, “I've never thought about it that way, how do you find a willing partner, a woman I mean!?!” “We'll talk about that later,” Jolee replied, “now as for the other option, I have a miniature vibrator that I can put it my vagina in the morning before leaving the house that is operated by a small remote control, allowing me to turn it on and off at will!!!” “Better living through electricity, huh,” Margo joked!?! “You got that right,” Jolee said with a laugh!!!

“So tell me,” Jolee asked, “what do you like better, oral or straight!?!” “Definitely oral,” Margo gushed, “and Vince has such a nice mouth, I just love it when he tongues me and finishes me off by doing my clit!!!” “How many orgasms a day do you really need,” Jolee asked, “I mean to keep you going, just the bare minimum!?!” “At least two, but three would be better,” Margo answered quickly, “what about you!?!” “I'm afraid as you get older it only gets worse, three minimum and more that likely four,” Jolee replied, “by the way, how many have you had today!?!” “None,” Margo said sadly, “how about you!?!” “One this morning, my girl friend sucked me off just before I left for school,” Jolee replied, “but I could really use another one right now, I'm getting really tight just talking to you about all this stuff!!!” “Me too,” Margo whispered huskily, “I have another secret, I think my vaginal lips are a lot bigger that any of my girl friends, are yours bigger too!?!” “I have and idea,” Jolee said softly, “why don't you see for yourself!?!”

“Oh, Miss Egger,” Margo gasped, “y-your vagina is absolutely beautiful, and your lips are huge and puffed up, just like mine!!!” “Do you shave yours too,” Jolee asked, “I keep mine smooth for good oral sex, I like to feel every sensation if you know what I mean!?!” “No, mine's really hairy, “Margo answered, “but maybe I should shave it, what do you think!?!” “What ever suits you, hon,” Jolee replied, “now be a good little student and take care of teacher's vagina, okay!?!” Gingerly Margo lowered her mouth to the gaping lips of the young student teacher, nervous abut her first foray into lesbian sex!!! “Don't be nervous, baby,” Jolee sighed, “mmmmmm, that's a good girl, mmmmmm, yeah, right there, do mama's big clit for her!!!” “Holy cow,” Margo thought to herself, “this is unreal, I'm eating another woman's pussy and absolutely loving it, will wonders never cease to amaze!!!” “Are you sure you haven't done this before,” Jolee gasped, “your tongue is so fucking talented, it found my clit in less than ten seconds, you are a cunt sucking wonder!!!” And she was too, maybe it was just a knack she had, or maybe it had something to do with her problem, but whatever the reason, Margo was a born cunt lapper!!!

For women with Margo and Jolee's problem, once sexual contact is initiated, it doesn't take but a few minutes to achieve orgasm, and this was no exception as Jolee bucked her vulva hard into Margo's mouth, which induced a very hard brutal climax that left the young teacher shaking like the proverbial leaf!!! “God you are unbelievable,” Jolee panted, “I might just take you home and keep you locked up as my personal pussy licker!!!” Margo laughed a little, but the knot in her stomach and the tenseness in her pussy had only intensified as she paid oral homage to her teacher!!! “Can I ask you a favor,” Margo whispered, “I need it really bad, can you do me now too!?!” “Of course, dear,” Jolee replied softly, “be a love and lift up your skirt and slip off your panties, I want to see this wonder cunt you've been telling m about!!!” A few moment later, Jolee was staring at the hairiest cunt she had ever seen, it was a thick profusion of dark curly pubic fur that did it's best to hide Margo's bulging pussy lips!!! “Oh my,” Jolee offered softly, “I can see you have a real problem on your hands, your pussy is just dripping, you must really love exposing yourself to me!!!” “Oh god, I do,” Margo moaned, “I love showing it off, does it look good to you!?!” “I'm going to have to finger myself when I eat you,” Jolee sighed, “you've got a fucking carpet down here between your legs, and it looks scrumptious!!!” While Vince was good, Jolee was and expert, something that Margo found out almost from the first second her pussy was attacked by her teacher's ravenous mouth, as it was almost as if she couldn't get enough of her young pussy, but for what ever the reason, with in a matter of seconds Jolee had Margo climbing the fucking walls and begging her to finish her off!!!

Instead, however, Jolee took her time, purposely avoiding Margo's clit, except of course for the “accidental” brushing that seemed to occur with a great deal of frequency!!! “Y-you're teasing me, aren't you,” Margo moaned, “please, don't make me beg for it, I'm losing my fucking mind, just do it for me please!!!” “Are you sure you want it,” Jolee asked innocently, “maybe I should just quit!!!” “Y-you're a fucking sadist,” Margo gasped as she grabbed Jolee's head and jammed it hard into her cunt, “now do my clit you fucking bitch!!!” “Such language,” Jolee thought to herself, “I guess she's waited long enough,” as he tongue snaked into the drooling slit and wrapped itself around Margo's hyper excited slit, which of course caused the young girl to have an convulsive orgasm that nearly made the poor girl pass out!!!

“I'm sorry I talked so nasty,” Margo said sheepishly, “but I needed it so bad and you were just nibbling around it. Go to page so if you inverse these two coefficients and multiply by the square root of base, you will be able to figure the area under the parabola, any questions!?!” “I can guarantee that this formula will be on the next test,” Miss Egger opined, “so I suggest you make sure you know it backwards and forwards, so if there are no questions, that will be all until tomorrow, and by the way, don't forget that the odd numbered problems on page 243 are due on Friday by three thirty, okay, you're all dismissed, except for Margo, please stop by my desk before you leave!!!” While the other students shuffled out of the senior advanced math class, Margo stood and waited next to Miss Egger's desk, wondering what in the heck she had done now!!! After everyone was gone the young student teacher said, “We've spoken about this before, Margo, but you continue to be disrupt the class with your incessant talking, can you please explain to me what your problem is, you spent half of the period jabbering with Luanne!?!” “Uh, I don't know,” Margo replied softly, “I'm sorry, Miss Egger, it won't happen again, I promise!!!” “But you've made promises before,” Jolee Egger replied, “how can I believe you now!?!” “I don't know,” the eighteen year old said softly, “I said I was sorry didn't I?!?” “Yes, Margo, yes you did, but that really doesn't hold much water anymore, does it,” Jolee asked, “so tell me, what did you and Luanne talk about that was so important that it couldn't wait until after class!?!” “I don't know,” Margo whined, “it was just stuff!!!” “Stuff, what kind of answer is that,” Jolee demanded, “I want to know right now what was so important that you couldn't keep your mouth shut for fifty three minutes!!!” Margo stood sullenly looking at the floor, but seemingly unwilling to talk about it!!! “You didn't have any problem talking before and you're not leaving here until you tell me what you were talking about, do I make myself clear,” Jolee said sharply!?!” “Well,” Jolee snapped, “let's have it!!!” “Okay,” Margo said softly, “ya see I was supposed to have this date last night with Vince, but he couldn't make it, and I was just talkin' to Luanne about it, that's all!!!” “So what's so important about a missed date,” Miss Egger questioned!?! “Uh, nothing I guess,” Margo said with her head bowed!!! “Don't give me that young lady,” Jolee retorted, “I want to know what the heck was so important that you had to disrupt the class at least three times today, now speak up girl!?!”

“Well, uh, you see,” Margo sputtered, “it's like this, Vince and I, that is, Vince meets me after school or dinner and we, you know, we have, you know!!!” “No, I don't know,” Jolee replied in exasperation, “please, explain it to me!!!” “Oh, gosh,” Margo whined, “this is so embarrassing!!!” “Just spit it out,” Jolee ordered, “you're going to stay here until you tell me exactly what's going on, so you might as well get it over with!!!” Margo fidgeted from foot to foot until she finally broke down and said, “I-I have a really unbelievably strong sexual appetite and last night Vince missed out date and I'm going out of my mind with lust, and it's driving me crazy,” as tears began running down the poor girl's cheeks while she reached into her purse to pull out a handkerchief to blow her sniffling nose!!!” “So that's it,” Jolee Egger said softly, “it's almost like a hidden force inside of you that you can't control, and without daily relief you practically go over the bonkers, is that about right?!?” “Y-yes,” Margo stammered, “how do you know so much about how I feel, unless.

Hentai: [SHIUN] Chikamichi | Shortcut (Love Icha☆) [English] [desudesu] [Decensored]

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